Friday, August 1, 2014

My Florida Vacation Has Gone By So Fast

Isn't it amazing how a two week vacation seems like a long time, but no sooner has that vacation begun than it's time to go home again.

My Florida vacation has just gone by so fast, I can't believe I have been here for two weeks already, and tomorrow night it's time for that long lonely flight back to London from Miami again.

It's really hard only being able to see my daughters once a year, and with the cost of flights escalating every year, it makes the trip harder to afford each time.

My online earnings have dropped in the last year for a number of reasons, including changes in Google, several sites closing down, and my struggling to focus on writing as much as anything, so I really need to knuckle down and look into finding ways to boost my earnings again, otherwise it's possible the trip won't happen next year.

If you haven't had to be apart from your kids for a long time, it's hard to understand just how difficult that is emotionally, especially when an ocean separates you and you struggle to afford a trip to see them once a year.

They change so much every year too, and now as they approach 10 and 14 years old, they are already turning into young ladies and are no longer interested in the things that we used to do together when they were younger.

So each year gets tougher in so many ways, but it's always great to see them and to be able to spend a couple of precious weeks together in a condo right by the beach.

So now to focus on next year, keeping on buying the lottery tickets, and hoping that one day maybe that winning ticket will be ours, and I can see them more than once a year.

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