Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Tough Weekend For An A.D.D. Sufferer

Next weekend I am off to Florida for two weeks on my annual trip to see my girls, and although as a frequent traveller I was always prepared for my trips both mentally and physically well in advance, in recent years I have found that just trying to get everything ready for a trip becomes very stressful.

My self-diagnosed A.D.D. makes me very forgetful as well as prone to stopping in the middle of doing one thing and starting another.  This doesn't help at all when you are trying to make sure that you have everything ready to take with you and that you don't forget anything.

Of course the best solution is to make a list, and while I have done this in my head dozens of times over the last month or so, I only physically started making my list yesterday, and then added (hopefully) all the things I had forgotten this morning.

It's the important things that I have trouble with every year is finding my American credit cards and bank cards. I don't use these in the UK, and so I put them away somewhere safe until the next trip. Unfortunately, I usually forget where that safe place is, and this year has been no exception. Luckily for me Debbie (my wife) understands me, and can usually tell me where this is, even though I have forgotten.

So far, I have most things done, except for getting my clothes ready. I have all the electronics sorted - all ready, charged, spare batteries ready as well as chargers and cables. I even managed to get both of our laptops fully backed up "just in case".

Now it's just a case of trying to not get too stressed at work in my last week before the trip, and to make sure I have everything ready to go.

Do you suffer from forgetfulness, or struggle to organize yourself before going on a trip?

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