Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13th And A Full Moon

I wonder how many of you realised that today is Friday 13th? Not only that, tonight will be a full moon as well.

It doesn't worry me, but I do imagine that those who are superstitious could find tonight a little bit stressful.

Just think of all those werewolves that might be prowling around outside, making you tremble or shiver with every creak or sound that your house makes. Or if you look out the window and look at the moon, is that shadow a witch, or maybe just a bat flying past, which of course is just perfectly natural in many parts of the world.

Personally, I hope that the sky will be clear tonight, so that I can get my telescope out and try to view the full moon.

My wife bought me a telescope for Christmas 18 months ago, but since then either it's been cold, overcast, or we have been busy, so I haven't really been able to use it, or everything has been fine except that from outside our kitchen door, which is where I put the telescope, by the time the moon has risen it's also managed to move around behind a bit fir tree in the next garden.

Last August we spent a week in a remote cottage in Devon, and I took the telescope so I could use it to see the stars at night. Every night was cloudy, except for the last one, and it looked like it was going to be perfect, in fact we sat outside and had some wine and nibbles as dusk approached, and I set the telescope up ready for my viewing.  Then, as it began to get dark, clouds rolled in and you could hardly see a single star in the sky. Very disappointing.

So meanwhile my wife is frustrated at having spent more than she could afford on a present that I haven't used, but in reality every time I try to I get thwarted.

Hopefully though, tonight will be time for some good viewing.  Wish me luck.

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