Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A New Site Similar To Bubblews

Today a friend referred me to a new site that is very similar to Bubblews, it's called Persona Paper.

The site is very new and revenue is earned like Bubblews by publishing posts and getting visitors, likes and comments on them.  Payment is currently either by Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards, which should suit most people.

Other than that the only differences are that a post must contain 500 characters (Bubblews is 400 characters), you may only publish 15 posts a day (Bubblews is 10), and you may request a payout once your balance reaches $5 (Bubblews is $50).

500 characters is in any case only a couple of paragraphs, so the extra length is not a bad thing, in fact Google looks more favorably on longer articles. The ability to post more times in a day is good, although with a full time job I find it hard to post more than a couple of times on a good day, but this might come in handy for those who do write more.

The biggest difference is in the payments, and those who have written on Bubblews will know that their payments do not always come through, and they recently increased the threshold from $25 to $50, so it takes a while to reach that point. At just $5 it will mean that with Persona Paper you can check out faster and more often, although I have no idea yet how much traffic any posts will receive.

The same rules as regards spam, content and image credits applies, which is good.

The site loads very fast, it's a clean fresh layout, and my first impressions are very positive.

If you would like to check out Personal Paper for yourself, I have a Referral Link that you can use.

If you would like to learn more about Bubblews, you can see examples of my posts on my profile.

If you are familiar with either of these sites I would be grateful if you could leave some feedback so that others can see what you think.

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