Friday, June 6, 2014

Bubblews Toil And Trouble

I have been writing on Bubblews for about 9 months now, and until earlier this year I found it a good site for writing short and simple posts, but in recent months it's turned into toil and trouble with frequent server crashes, an inability for me or my readers to access posts or to leave comments on them, and despite writing what I believe are good well formatted posts, the number of visitors to them has dwindled to a pitiful level.

Take my latest post for example, On This Night 70 Years Ago which is about the events the night before D-Day. The following day it had received just 56 visits, 13 Likes and 4 Comments, 2 of which were my replies.

Now that is truly pitiful, considering that a few months ago my posts were all getting hundreds of visits a day.

Although I haven't been writing on Bubblews as often recently, partly through being too busy to write, and partly through not being able to get into the site because of connection problems, I do see the main cause of the lack of traffic as being the connection problems.

Under normal circumstances, having published a new post, this appears in various feeds, including the Latest Posts and the Notifications of those people that follow you. However, if people cannot access the site right after you posted, that opportunity for your post to be seen has passed, and I believe this alone is worth 2/3rds of the traffic on the first day. Even trying to read other people's posts, to leave comments, in the hope that they might come and read yours, well that's proving to be a struggle for the most part, since the connection to Bubblews keeps failing when you try to read posts or to comment on them.

All in all it's extremely frustrating, especially when you write something you believe is interesting and nobody ends up reading it.

Bubblews have announced plans to release major updates to the site in July, and while details have not yet been released, I do hope that the ability to connect to the system without constant problems is something that will be fixed.

Do you use Bubblews? If so, I am wondering to what extent you have suffered from these connection problems and if you too have had a loss of traffic in recent months.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Bubblews as a concept and as a place to write, I just wish the site was more reliable, because if it was both reliable and fast, Google might pick up my articles better and that would lead to more exposure and visitors.

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