Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm Growing A Beard In November For A Good Cause

Tony Payne after 9 days of not shaving
I used to have a full beard 20 years ago, and since this month has become Movember every year, a time for men to give up shaving for men's health awareness, I decided that this was the perfect time to see what I looked like with a beard 20 years on.

Of course my previous beard had 1 white hair for every 10 dark brown ones.  Now as I feared I have maybe 1 dark hair for every white one, and so as the month progresses I am less likely to look like Bluto (from Popeye) and more likely to look like Santa Claus.

The photo you see here was taken on Saturday after 9 days of growth.  As you can see the beard is coming along, but I still look like I haven't shaved in a few days, rather than I have a beard.  It will be interesting to see what I look like at the end of the month.

The charity that I am raising money for is Hammer Out, which supports people and families who have had Brain Tumours.

Three years ago my wife had a large brain tumour, which turned out to be benign and they were able to remove it completely, but many people that we have known have not been as lucky.

My wife created a page for us at Just Giving where online donations can be made, as well as texts (in the UK) through Vodafone.

We are trying to raise at least £500 for Hammer Out, who do a fantastic job in helping with awareness of this horrible illness.  If possible we would like to double that target to £1,000 but so far the donations have fallen short.

Still, as my beard seems to grow in thickness exponentially, maybe the donations will do the same, and by the end of November, who knows, we might yet reach that goal for a worthy cause.

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