Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Favorite Tom Hanks Movies - Turner And Hooch

Tom Hanks is a master when it comes to more serious acting roles, but when given a role like that of Police Detective Scott Turner in Turner and Hooch, his seemingly tough exterior soon gives way to a more playful side as he develops a relationship with Hooch, who has to be one of the ugliest most slobbery dogs of all time, and yet he is a truly loveable rogue.

Turner and Hooch is one of those Tom Hanks movies that the whole family will enjoy immensly. 

With Hooch being the only witness to the murder of his keeper, a junkyard owner, Tom Hanks is given the job of trying to solve the case, and has to look after the dog, who pretty much destroys everything in sight.

This is not one of Tom Hanks's best known movies, but it's still one of my favorites, with some great acting, it's well cast, and it also has a happy ending.

That's all I'm saying, but if you want a family movie night with the kids and plenty of laughs, I highly recommend you buy or rent Turner and Hooch.

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