Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Colors

This is a poem about Fall Colors that I originally published on Yahoo Voices

With the orange and red and yellow and gold
The colors of Fall are a joy to behold
The Maple Trees look like a painting in oil
It's a sight that is pleasing to one and all

As Autumn progresses, the leaves start to morph
From their green into red and then orange of course
The countryside fills with a million bright hues
But which is my favorite? It's impossible to choose

The sight of the trees is a treat for the eyes
With the light shining on them at sunset or sunrise
The sun makes the colors of the leaves shine so bright
For a painter or photographer, it's a scene that's just right

The children are out collecting leaves from the ground
For their pre-school projects, hear their happy sounds
Some people drive for miles to see trees at their best
It's worth a long drive to the Northern Midwest

There is a downside when the fall starts to dawn
And that's millions of leaves that land on your lawn
The raking and sweeping is a fall weekend chore
That so many people are forced to endure

Some families enjoy this fall season ritual
With Dad, Mom and Kids all helping habitual
It's not such a task if everyone helps out
And the promise of a cookout makes the kids scream and shout

So enjoy the colors of the Fall while you may
All the tree branches will be bare one day
And then Old Man Winter will come knocking at the door
And the season for snow is the next to endure
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