Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Is All Our Green Belt Going?

Where is all our Green Belt going?  There are constant requests in the UK to build new houses on open spaces and farmland, and what is left of our once beautiful island is slowly but surely being destroyed forever.

It's the same in many countries, the population is increasing and there is an increased need for new homes to house them.

In the UK in particular, which is a small and overcrowded island, the Government are caught in a position where they need to build more houses to cater for the population explosion, and at the same time this means destroying parts of the Green Belt which cannot be replaced.

One of My Pet Peeves is that the Government ought to take a lateral view of this, and look for ways to decrease the population, rather than build more homes and allow it to increase further.

Whether this is done by reducing the number of migrants to the UK (there are thousands each year who enter from Eastern Europe), to reduce child benefits etc (many people living on benefits have children solely to get more benefits), I don't know, but it's my opinion that the population growth needs to be halted.

I would be grateful for your comments on this on My Pet Peeves where I have added a Green Belt debate.
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