Monday, June 2, 2008

International Calls from the USA don't have to be expensive

It wasn't long ago when making any international call at all cost an arm and a leg, but these days there are options for making cheap calls overseas using calling cards, where you can save a lot of money.


There are a number of companies out there who make their costs sound cheap, but in reality they are ripping you off with extra costs here, there and everywhere.

I make a lot of calls overseas from the USA to England, Australia and New Zealand, and for my own benefit I did a lot of research and have found what I believe to be the best rates for calling.

I put this information together in a web page, plus a lot of details on the pitfalls to watch out for when selecting a calling card. You can find the information at INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARDS and I hope you find it useful.

Even if you are already using a calling card and you think that the rates are good, you might want to just take a look at the company that I use. A year ago I was using a different company and quite happy with the rate I was paying. Then my usage went up and I started looking around to see if I could pay less. Well I ended up paying a lot less, and the service is even better.

So please take a look, save yourself some money, and please let me know what you think.
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